Quad at National University of Ireland-Galway

Suffolk Law recently expanded its Ireland summer program to include a two-week academic program to complement its existing Ireland Public Interest Externship Program. We asked Professor Sara Dillon, director of the Ireland study abroad program, and Practitioner in Residence Christine Bustany, director of the international externship and legal practice programs, to talk to us about the new opportunities.

Q: What is the new Galway Study Abroad program?

Professor Dillon: This is a two-week, two-class study abroad program held at the National University of Ireland at Galway (NUI-Galway). Classes will be taught by Suffolk Law faculty and guest lecturers from NUI-Galway, with Suffolk Law students learning alongside Irish law students.

Q: When is the study abroad session?

Professor Dillon: May 25-June 10, 2017. The fact that this is so early in the summer is one of the best things about this program, and the reason we think this is such a good opportunity. Students who participate in the study abroad still have a good portion of the summer available to work or intern in Ireland or elsewhere.

Q: What is the Ireland Public Interest Externship?

Director Bustany: This is our existing program run in partnership with NUI-Galway for several years. Through this program, Suffolk Law students extern in various public interest organizations around Ireland. Students earn three credits for the externship and one credit for an Irish law immersion course offered at NUI-Galway.

Q: Where are some of the places Suffolk Law students have externed through this program?

Director Bustany: Centre for Law and Disability, Galway; Children’s Rights Alliance, Dublin; Child Care Law Reporting Project, Dublin; Law Reform Commission of Ireland, Dublin. Externships are predominantly in the public interest arena, including non-profits and government-related organizations.

Q: Can students pursue both the Galway study abroad program and an international externship?

Director Bustany: Yes. Students can chose to do both the study abroad program and afterwards extern for 6-8 weeks in a public interest placement in Ireland.  This is a great opportunity for Suffolk students. Students interested in both study abroad and externing would apply for the study abroad program and the Ireland externship program separately. Students, of course, do not have to do both.