By Sydney Young

One of the reasons I decided to go to Suffolk University Law School was because of the strong alumni network. This became exceedingly apparent when I was searching for my 1L summer internship. I reached out to a family friend in Woburn about shadowing at the District Court for a couple of days over spring break. I was then put in contact with a Suffolk alumnus that worked there, and she spent the day explaining the various court functions and jobs to me. I got to sit and watch her clerk for the court as well. After this, she recommended I apply for an internship at the Middlesex District Attorney’s office, and even put herself down as a recommendation for me. We had never met before this day, but she was willing to stick her neck out for me because I was a student at Suffolk Law. During my first day at my internship at the DA’s office, I was talking to another intern about which schools we went to. An ADA down the hall heard our conversation and popped her head out, asking who the student at Suffolk was. From that day on, she became a mentor to me, helping me to learns the ins and outs of the office, as well as being someone I could ask for advice in my future career. I truly am so thankful for not only the education Suffolk Law has provided for me, but also for the lifelong connections I will take with me, both during my time here and after. I can only hope to help a future Suffolk Law student in the way I have been helped by alumni thus far.

Sydney Young is a 2L day student, set to graduate in May of 2024. She is originally from Woburn, Massachusetts, although she has moved quite a bit (Pittsburgh, PA, Belgium, EU, High Point, NC, and Rockport, MA). She is interested in working in family law upon graduating, as it is her dream to help survivors of domestic violence and abuse.