By Professor Herbert N. Ramy
Director, Academic Support Program, Suffolk University Law School

During spring break, balance relaxation with getting caught up with your studies.

Spring break can be a great time to recharge your batteries.  This year, we have been pelted by storm after storm, and a few days in the sun is an appealing thought to all of us.

In law school, however, spring break is also a time to get caught up with your studies.  Class prep will not be a day to day concern, so this is the perfect time to work on your outlines.  In fact, one of your goals should be to come out of spring break with all of your outlines up to date.  Getting your outlines up to date now will help ensure that you hit the ground running once classes resume.  Also, it’s not uncommon for professors to pick up the pace once you return, and outlining material from before the break will help ensure that you can keep up.

In addition to working on your outlines, consider answering practice exam questions.  Spring break is late enough in the semester that your performance on practice questions is a good indicator of how you might perform on an actual exam.  This is an opportunity to discover holes in your understanding because you still have time to fill those holes with knowledge.  If your professors do not have sample exam questions, then look to one of the commercially available sources for help.

Do not misunderstand my message – I am not advocating that you dedicate your entire spring break to your studies.  Instead, find the appropriate balance between work and relaxation and you will maximize your chances of success at the end of the year.  And by the way, “studying” on the plane trip to Ft. Lauderdale is not an appropriate balance between work and studying!