Suffolk University Law School student Stephanie Addeo JD'18

By Stephanie Addeo

7 a.m. – Wake up. This is the toughest part of the day as it’s pretty difficult getting out of my cozy bed.  I get up at this time because since the beginning of law school, I have treated my days like a work day.  It is what has worked and continues to work for me as it provides structure in such a busy schedule.

8:15 a.m. – I have about a 20-25 minutes commute via the subway.  I use my commute to scroll through social media, read a book, or call my mom (most likely what I am doing).  When I get to school, I first make a quick stop a Starbucks for a coffee.  (Thanks, mom and dad for all my gift cards throughout school!).

9 a.m. – Class: Advanced Survey Core Legal Principals.  This is an introductory bar prep class that meets once a week.  As a 3L, I am a student attorney in Suffolk’s Health Law Clinic.  Because of my responsibilities with clinic, I am enrolled in just three classes this semester.

11 a.m. – Go to the 4th floor of the school.  I have an hour break, which I use to review my notes/readings for my next class at 12 p.m.

Noon – Class: Advanced Civil Procedure.  This has become one of my favorite classes thus far as it is a theoretical approach to civil procedure.  This class is discussion based which makes for a great class!  As civil litigation is my career path, this class provides me with a lot of insight and opportunity to further my civil litigation knowledge.  This class meets twice a week.

1:30 p.m. –I meet three friends on the 4th floor to sit on the couches, have lunch and catch up.  I value this time because it’s is a solid break from school and clinic.

2 p.m. – Class: Health Law Clinic Seminar.  As I mentioned, I am a student attorney in our Health Law Clinic.  As part of being in a clinic, we meet once a week to have our seminar class.  This class gives us the chance to talk about what is going on in each of our cases, practice different aspects of our cases such as oral arguments and client interviews, and develop ourselves as attorneys and not students.  This class meets once a week for 2 hours.

4 p.m. – Finally done with classes for the day!  After my seminar class, I head down to the clinic office.  As a clinical student attorney, I have my own clients/cases, go to court, write a variety of briefs and memos, meet with my clients, etc.  On a given day as a clinical student, I am making calls to my clients to keep communication open, answering emails, and ensure my cases are up-to-date.  On this day, I use my time in clinic as my “mid-week” check-in.  I like to give my clients a call to see how they are doing.  As a health law student attorney, the majority of my clients suffer from mental illnesses and go through a lot in their lives.  Because of that, I think it is important to check-in and let them know what is going on in their case.  If I have a hearing on one of my cases, my week will look different as I prepare for such.

6 p.m. – Leave school for the day.  At least three days a week I take either a boxing or indoor cycling class.  I find this to be a great way to end my day at school.

7 p.m. – After exercising, I head home to make dinner and finish up any classwork or clinic work.  I also take about 30-40 minutes of my night to call my family (back in New Jersey) as I like to wrap up my day talking with them.  I also dedicate some of this time to facetime my nephews (3 of them), which is always the highlight of my day.

9 p.m. – Relaxing time!  Time to make some tea and either read a book or watch a TV show.  But if we are being honest here, it’s safe to say I am usually watching Grey’s Anatomy – whether it’s old or new episodes!  (I don’t discriminate, I am practically a doctor from watching this show!) and Goodnight!

Remember that schedules vary and other events come up throughout a day or week.  There are days that I work at a spin studio, get my nails done, or simply hang out with friends.  I also dedicate certain hours of the week that are solely homework time.  But aside from those couple of variables, the above is my typical day!


Stephanie Addeo JD’18 is a student attorney in the Health Law Clinic and Student Ambassador for the Office of Law Admission.  She has a Trial and Appellate Advocacy Concentration and participates in the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys.  She has had internships with different law firms here in Boston as well as interned with Primark’s in-house counsel. To learn more about Suffolk Law, visit