Director of Legal Writing Kathleen Elliott Vinson

By Kathleen Elliott Vinson

Professor of Legal Writing and Director of Legal Writing, Research, and Written Advocacy

Ahhh . . . the lazy days of summer. Not exactly if you are a law student.

Most law students are busy during the summer at jobs, internships, clerkships, and associateships. However, relaxation and renewal are important too. Here are some tips for spending the final weeks of summer to help you come back to school feeling refreshed:

  • Read a book for pleasure. Reading a book for pleasure, whether it be a light novel you read on the beach or an old classic you read in a hammock, is important.
  • Take a break from screen time. Shutting off technology for a period of time each day or on a weekend is another way to unplug from the frenetic days during the school year.
  • Reconnect with friends and family. Summer is a good opportunity to reach out to your support system and enhance your sense of community that may feel more distant on an everyday basis when preparing for classes and exams during the academic year.
  • Exercise. Beginning or recommitting to an exercise routine will strengthen your body and mind, whether its running, yoga, kayaking or biking.
  • Meditate to calm your mind, regain focus, and spark creativity.

Hopefully, law students can then take that rejuvenation into the fall so they have the strength and stamina for a successful school year.

Kathleen Elliott Vinson is a Professor of Legal Writing and Director of Legal Writing, Research and Written Advocacy at Suffolk University Law School in Boston. For more on Suffolk’s legal writing program, visit